This is a little talk that me and Loryn had over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I thought it was cute. Unfortunately, I twisted my phone while taking it so part of the video is sideways.


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I decided to enter Loryn in the Washington County Fair Baby Contest since everywhere we go everyone tells us how cute she is. Not to brag but its true. So I took her to the fair grounds to be "judged" with her fun t-shirt they gave me for her to wear. Without her getting in a good nap I was a little nervous that she would be cranky, BUT she interacted great with the judges:) Sure enough I got a call later that day telling me she had made to it the final round. The next day she would compete with 5 other girls between the ages 10-18 months of age. She was probably the youngest in her group.

The next day before she got tired of waiting for her turn to go on stage I snapped a darling picture of her and Jordan. Too bad the smile in this photo didn't shine through on stage. By the time we went on stage she was way too tired and ready to go home. Even though Loryn didn't place we still think she holds the title for The Cutest Baby in Washington County.

July was a busy month for us....busy with a lot of fun things. I had to snap a picture of Loryn at the red and white barn in Tremonton.

The zoo was a blast with the my mom, my sisters and their kids.

We woke Loryn up to go see the fireworks. She liked them but wanted to go back to bed.

Meeting everyone at the family reunion put a smile on all of our faces:)

Jordan is such a great stay at home daddy on Mondays while I am at work. Work is always crazy busy and I am about to loose my mind by the time the day is over. Last Monday when I got home from work (hence the scrubs and exhausted look) Jordan (with the help of Loryn) made me the sweetest and best surprise! I LOVE surprises:) Sugar cookies that read We Love U Mommy! I love them both so much!
One of Loryn's new favorite games is to play peek-a-boo with us around our ottoman. It is so cute to see her get down and look underneath the ottoman and grin ear to ear once she finds you on the other side. She is a real character, and so much fun. She can say "Boo" too:)

This is my favorite picture. Katie seems to always be able to get some amazing shots of Loryn. Me on the other hand get blurred pictures of her moving all over the place. It may be the fact that I like to get her all wound up and crazy when I am around. But that is fine with me, she can take all the good pictures and I will have all the wild times with our crazy little girl. That being said I don't know why this is my favorite picture but it is. She just looks so sweet.

Here are some pictures of our little girl who thinks that she is so big. She wants to eat everything that we eat and go everywhere that we go. We think if she could talk she would ask for her own cell phone and computer. I am glad that she can't talk because it would be hard to say no to this face.